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Modular Set University

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Being a graduate student, ideally I will be spending the rest of my foreseeable career in a college setting. Additionally, being a lifelong LEGO builder, I decided to combine the two into a modular set depicting a LEGO university.

I envision a full set of buildings, including a Science Department, a Library, a Dormitory (complete with cafeteria), a History/Classics/Liberal Arts Department, a Quad, and a Student Union/Campus Center. I could also see room for a Football Stadium, and perhaps a Fraternity House (Lambda Gamma Omega). If you've got recommendations, please leave them in the comments. Keep in mind that the set has to be age appropriate, so no keggers!

This set could go well with the existing LEGO Town product line, for those who are interested in Town-Gown conflict.

I hope to receive your support and input!

The Science Department, shown above and up top, contains a lecture hall and lab on the first floor, with some sort of wacky experiment going awry (I'm not a scientist, clearly). The second floor contains a second lab, a pair of chairs and a table, a professor's office with stair that go to the rooftop observatory. Many of the rooms come with blackboards, and the set includes six minifigures: two professors, two students, and two scientists. I'm open to making changes, as it's clearly a rough start.

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