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Carnegie Style Library


In the United States, the name of Andrew Carnegie is synonymous with public libraries.  From his profits in the steel industry,  he used part of his wealth to build more than 2,500 public libraries in the world from 1881 until his death in 1919.

Being a librarian myself,  I looked for inspiration about what I think a iconic library would look like from the outside.  I drew inspiration from two different Carnegie libraries, each with its own architectural details.

My Lego Carnegie Style Library is built on a 32x32 stud baseplate with more than 1,600 pieces.

First are the grounds of the library.  Make a wish in the fountain.  Stop and smell the flowers.  The handy book drop is available to patrons.  Be sure to salute the flag which flutters over the portico.  At the rear of the building, readers can relax and have a snack on the bench under a shade tree.  Don’t forget to drop your banana peel in the trash before you enter.

As you enter the front of the library,  you pass through double glass doors and there you see the checkerboard floors.  The “stacks” (book shelves) are located in front of you with many volumes of books.  When you visit the desk, take notice of the indoor book drop and librarian’s computer.  The restroom is next to the desk.  A clock and map decorate the walls.

As you head upstairs, pet the librarian cat, Dewey.  Upstairs, patrons have access to three computer terminals and a snack kiosk with coffee and donuts.  Snack in hand, have a seat and enjoy the newspaper in a relaxed reading area.  Behind the glass wall, a meeting room that can be reserved and is used by staff and patrons.  There’s a reading lamp in the center of the table.  The upstairs is well illuminated by the six large windows along the back and side walls.

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