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The Old Clock Shop

The Story

This set follows a shop owner who owns the clock shop, the owner of the shop knows all about clocks. In his shop he sells and displays many types of clocks. If a customer has a broken clock, the owner will gladly fix it. The clocks one could find in his shop includes wall clocks, grandfather clocks, and even cuckoo clocks. The clock shop owner takes pride in his job and his shop.

The Build

This build consists of approximately 2000 pieces and is filled with many intricate details. On the exterior of the build is the clock shop building, a clock tower, and many geographical details. The clock shop is a tan colored building with a bright red roof, the roof includes a specific pattern. The clock tower has vegetation growing upon the front of the wall and includes the same colors as the main building. Next to the clock tower is a rocky area with a small waterfall, this area includes a small tree and even a bird. On the other side of the build next to the main structure there is a small apple tree. The Interior of the shop includes many clocks of various types displayed all over the shop, the interior also includes work space for the owner to repair any type of clock a customer brings in. The interior of the clock tower includes a small apartment for the owner, this includes a kitchen, a bedroom, and even a LEGO room! The build can be easily removed from the base and the roof can be removed allowing for the whole build to be open for easy access.

The Minifigures

This set includes the shop owner, his wife, and their two grandchildren. There is also a cat and a frog figure included. With the minifigures many stories can be told following their adventures inside and outside the build.

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