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The Bamboo Grove

This is the Bamboo groove, a scene inspired by the Ninjago theme as well as traditional Chinese and Japanese architecture and culture. I have tried to achieve the serenity associated with rural China and Japan. 

The scenery is built around two buildings, and contains a pond, a shrine, a tree, a gateway, some storage barrels and, as the name says, bamboo. 

This set is constructed from nine 8x8 studs modules fitted together, so the possibilities to vary between different layouts is good. The frame, intended to look like lacquered wood, is also built in a way so individual modules can be highlighted. 

My main model is set in summer colors, but if you want to, a fairly small number of bricks can be altered to show a different season. I have made the main model in autumn colors as well to provide you with a general idea how this could look. 

I think this set would be a beautiful decoration set and a pride to any shelf. The model is in its basic layout roughly 1100 pieces and has a footprint of 28x28 studs, a little smaller than a regular baseplate. 

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