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"My Neighbor Totoro"

My Neighbor Totoro is an animation that I liked very much when I was a kid. The story is very warm and touching. Totoro is a friendly guardian of the forest. Its cute appearance is unforgettable. In the story, Totoro accompanied a pair of poor little sisters and helped them visit their sick mother.

And the most memorable, is the supporting role -- Cat Bus, It takes the little sister to visit the sick mother. This wonderful creature has a special shape. Its body is huge but ordinary people can't see it. It has twelve legs, can run people at high speed, and can walk on electric wires!

This time the work is Totoro plus Cat Bus (actually, Cat Bus is the most important in my heart), and the proportion is as close as possible to animation. Cat Bus’s eyes are the most difficult thing for me. Later I found that using the Batman logo has a good effect! Of course, if this item succeed in reaching the goal, I believe that lego will make a print for it?

In addition, if it can be matched with a doll, I believe Totoro's lovers will be happier!

This work has 706 parts in total.

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