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Steven Spielberg's cinematic masterpiece Jaws took the world by storm in the summer of 1975, and now it returns almost 50 years later as a potential LEGO product. This project is a proposition of the depiction of Sam Quint's iconic fishing boat, the Orca, along with various other elements from the film, in LEGO form. This model is packed with details from the film, allowing re-enactment of several scenes with various characters and equipment.

This model is centered on the Orca, which is heavily detailed true to the film, but retains the playability and functionality which LEGO continues to incorporate in every product. The model contains various pieces of equipment, which, when in conjunction with the incorporated functionality, allow for the re-enactment of various scenes from Jaws. The stern of the boat is able to be broken off for the recreation of Quint's unfortunate demise. The rear deck opens to reveal an engine, the bow lifts to reveal a cargo space, and the roof is able to be removed to better access the detailed interior. A working winch on the back of the boat is also included. Brody has a rifle and an oxygen tank - need I say more? While including all these features, the model still stays relatively true to the film. A detailed interior provides a table and a drink for the trio in between their encounters with the shark, and the exterior replicates the boat from the film relatively accurately. I've tried my hardest to ensure the boat is as close as possible to a perfect representation of the one from the film. No, I didn't get there, but you can still tell it's some sort of 20th century super-marine vessel.

The shark, of course, is also included in the model. I think that, even with four articulated segments, I've captured the look of Bruce the great white quite well - even at approximately the right scale. The head and tail rotate on vertical axes, the pectoral fins are freely movable, the pelvic fins are able to rotate on longitudinal axes, and the jaw can open and close.

Included in this model are the following elements:
  • The Orca fishing boat
  • Bruce the shark
  • Sam Quint, Martin Brody, Matt Hooper
  • 6x harpoon, harpoon gun, 2x knife, rifle, pistol, camera, fishing rod, 2x fish, chum bucket, barrel, oxygen tank, 3x bottle, cup, fuel can(?)
  • 4x yellow barrel
  • Fighting chair

I built this model because I feel like such an iconic film as Spielberg's Jaws deserves to be immortalized in LEGO form, and would be highly successful as a collector's item. The model was built in Mecabricks, with the 8 unique custom prints designed in Inkscape. I attempted to create as interesting and detailed a build as possible, while still maintaining LEGO's distinctive characteristics of playability and functionality. I think this has been achieved to a high level. I wanted to create a model which captured the essence of Jaws: to embody what the film was about. Eventually (no, my mind was already made up), I decided on designing Quint's Orca, with minifigures of the trio (Quint, Brody and Hooper). Composing all of this into a diorama adds the cherry to the cake, providing a great display piece in addition to the regular features of a LEGO model.

I think this proposal would make a great LEGO set for a variety of reasons. First, the fans will love it. Jaws is an icon of cinematic history, with a large fan base around the world. I know I would love to have a LEGO representation of the Orca, several collectable minifigures and the notorious shark. Second, the build will prove to be quite interesting. The details and functions of the boat, as well as the design of the shark, provide interesting and rewarding build experiences. In combination, the 2146 pieces provide a large build which is sure to delight. Third, the playability of this model is maximised. The multiple play features included in the model allow for re-enactments of various scenes from the film, although I'm not sure those who take great joy in re-enactment make up a significant proportion of those who have actually seen the film (it's a joke, it's okay). Even if you haven't seen the film, it's just up to your imagination to create stories of what might happen with a fishing boat, people, and a ferocious shark. Finally, if you're just looking for a nice display piece, the diorama is constructed with the intention of being a display element, so that's a plus as well.

Wow, you made it to the end of my lengthy description of the essence of my project. Please support - every support counts! Just think, you might not support, but if enough people have this mindset, we could be at a great loss. So, I'd greatly appreciate you taking the time to click your cursor a couple of times to help me along with my dream of making this a reality! Also, very importantly, I would greatly appreciate it if you could share this. Most people will assume someone else will do it, but I haven't had much fortune with this sort of thing. I appreciate any help you provide. Thank you!

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