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Brickheadz - Monster Cereal Trio


Brickheadz Monster Cereal Trio

In 1971, General Mills conjured up two monsters who would forever impact children whom enjoyed not only sugary sweet cereals, but represented harmless villainous mascots that just wanted to share a good bowl of cereal! There’s Count Chocula with his infamous “I want to eat your cereal!” line, enticing you to eat his delicious chocolate cereal surrounded by marshmallows. Then there was Franken Berry with his Monster charm. His cereal being strawberry-flavored and also surrounded by marshmallow goodness. These cereals being the first ever chocolate and first ever strawberry flavored cereals on the market. It was not until 1973 when Boo Berry joined the others to round out our infamous trio. A wiggly blue cartoon ghost welcomed us to the first ever blueberry-flavored cereal haunted by marshmallows. His demeanor became another successful hit with the kiddies, making chocolate, strawberry and blueberry flavored cereals the more dominant tastes that catered to both kids and adult sugar fiends.

Now the Trio is here to take over the Brickheadz world. 

Sold as a set you would get Count Chocula. Franken Berry and Boo Berry. 

Who didn't love these guys as a kid? 

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