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Treasure Crypt


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Treasure Crypt : Legend has it that the knights of the "King's Mountain Fortress" hid a treasure in a secret crypt located near the castle.
Time has passed, this place is now in ruins, but this legend makes many treasure seekers dream.
Two young inhabitants of LEGO city have decided to try their luck: will they discover the treasure?

This MOC features:
- several secret passages (removable well, hatch, rotating wall),
- a beautiful cave,
- ruined buildings and an old fountain overgrown with vegetation
- and, of course, a crypt with a hidden treasure and guarded by the skeleton of a former knight of the "King's Mountain Fortress"
- a small all-terrain vehicle, with a chest (to bring the treasure home!)

My Christmas present in 1990 was the "King's Mountain Fortress", I was 10 years old. Today, it is my son who is approaching his 10th birthday. I wanted to offer him a MOC based on the stories I made up when I played with this LEGO castle 30 years ago.

My son tested this MOC for many hours. It is with pleasure that today I share this MOC with you. It was made with some pieces from the "King's Mountain Fortress" (rope from the drawbridge, wall with vault and grey bricks).

I wanted to create a fun, playful MOC that leaves a lot of room for the imagination.
I hope you will like this MOC.


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