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Gas Station


If you want to see all the details of this custom creation, then you can check out this funny stop motion animation review I did of the gas station: 

The gas station is an essential addition to any city, as this is the only place where people can re-fuel their vehicles, in order to be able to then travel throughout the city. 

The gas station consists of two entries - one for bigger vehicles and one for smaller vehicles - and one large exit, which is next to the pole that has a sign with the types of fuel offered and corresponding prices.

The pumps are numbered and look the same on the other side as well. 

The main, small building has: a restroom for both employees and customers, and a store ( where, besides buying supplies for their journeys, people can also pay for the fuel ). 

Finally, the roofs are mostly plain and have a smooth surface, with only one ventilator on top of the store.

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