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Revolution Skateboard Shop

Thank you checking out my project. 

This modular building is based on a skateboard shop that I owned many moons ago. It includes all the expected inventory of a real skateboard store, skateboards, shirts, pants and hats. As well, since the store is a hub for kids and adults to hang out, there is a water cooler and gumball machine. It is an old building so there is no hvac system, and only a small air conditioner above the door to keep the people cool in the summer heat. 

Upstairs there is a single bedroom apartment. It features a open living room, big screen tv and although there is a generous sized kitchen, the resident loves to order pizza and hang out on the couch. But who doesn't?

The build consists of about 2200-2300 pieces, and stands 22.5cm tall (8 1/2 in). 

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