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Brookside Falls Glamping Cabin

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Wake up to the sun and the songs of nature. Relax and find inspiration beside the sound of falling water. Dine in front of a gorgeous scenery. Wander inside a mysterious cave late in the afternoon. Explore the nighttime sky, and track the moon, planets, and stars.

Let your LEGO characters enjoy a luxurious vacation with nature with the Brookside Falls Glamping Cabin.

Amenities include:

- A cabin with a large curving glass facade so you can enjoy the panorama, day and night.

- A front-facing bed for you to lounge around while surrounded in nature; or simply fold-up the bed to create a space to enjoy your hobbies.

- A furnished rooftop tailored for exploring the sky in comfort: the custom telescope connects to a laptop with sophisticated tracking software to allow for automatic and accurate tracking of celestial bodies as they move in the sky.

- A personal shower and toilet room right in your cabin.

- Karaoke system, drawers, coffee maker, personal porch grill, and a beautiful lighting system.

- All this comes in a 3-level LEGO model consisting of: an underground cave system, a cabin room, and a rooftop deck.

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