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MacGyver: Attack On Pete's Cabin


This project is based upon the episode of MacGyver The Widowmaker, which was first aired November 16, 1987.

 MacGyver is up in the mountains in his friend Peter Thornton's cabin trying to get away from it all, when his friend Nikki comes over to check on him.  Unfortunately for them, the evil assassin Murdoc has followed Nikki up to the cabin, in another attempt to put an end to MacGyver.

What will happen to MacGyver and Nikki?  You can decide who will win...

This proposed set includes three minifigures:  MacGyver, Murdoc, and Nikki.  The Cabin features a removable roof, so that you can access the interior, a roofed front porch, a front door, and a back door.  Inside the cabin we have a kitchen with a stove/oven, sink, cupboard and drawers, and a table and chairs.  In another section of the cabin there's a couch, a bed, and a shelf.  On the shelf there are cards, a container for something, and a compass.  This set is made up of around 430 pieces, and was built with Mecabricks and rendered with Blender.  

This project is a resubmission of my original MacGyver: Attack On Pete's Cabin Project.

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