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ANIMUSIC Collection

Animusic is a video album collection of seven unique songs. The idea of Animusic is a unique take on animation, where the midi data of the music is used to drive the key frames of the animation. Its creator, Wayne Lytle, created two of such albums and this set is meant to represent the first.

Through the years, The Animusic brand has gained a large following through many different means. Its animations have been broadcast on live TV, shown in elementary school classrooms, and have been sold via over 600,000 DVDs!

This is one single set with seven different representations of the songs in Animusic. The Practicality of each build was the first concern of the design process. As such, each build of the set is less than 300 pieces and are all structurally sound when fully built. This full set contains no more than 1600 bricks total. While some details could not be fit in the representations of each instrument, the feel of each and what they represent were kept the same. Each part can be displayed or played with, as there are different moving features to complement each animation they are based on.

Future Retro
   This build is of the far-out, three-necked guitar in the center of the animation. It includes moving lasers that can be extended or hidden like in the animation.

Stick Figures
   This icon of Animusic, as seen on the cover of the original DVD, is of the instrument the fans have named Mr.Stick. Mr.Stick comes with a moving knob on each side of the display that raises
and lowers the arms with its movement, giving the feel of playing along with the song in the animation.

Aqua Harp
   This elegant piece is designed to look like a small wood wind up box. The curved details are made with flexible whip pieces. By pushing the bar protruding from the box back and forth, the floating blue picks will play the harp above the sparkling water.

Drum Machine
  Built to look like the first module seen in the animation, this part has two independent moving parts: the top symbol raises and drops with the turn of a large gear in the back, and the drumstick hits the symbol with the turn of the gear in the front.

Pipe Dream
  Known as the fan favorite, This model is made to look like the central xylophone/fountain in the animation. The knob on the side turns and launches silver studs with a multi stud shooter. The cone element on top keeps the studs from shooting too high by overlapping the stud shooter, perfectly capturing the organized chaos of the animation.

Acoustic Curves
  The glistening gold hammers in the build function just as they do in the animation. If you push the opposite end of the hammer and let go gravity does the rest. The curve is maintained through another secondary hose which is larger than the base hose. The force of the larger pipe expanding keeps the curve in the hose next to it.

Harmonic Voltage
  The end feature of Animusic, this laser light show is mimicked with antenna, flexible whips, and a ribbed hose piece. By pushing the drums down the laser is moved up as a result. Snot bricks are used heavily to create the rings around the lines.

You can see more of the movement in each part of the potential set here.

This set is a testament to Animusic fans everywhere and all the countless hours Mr. Lytle put into bringing us such a revolutionary experience. So what are you waiting for? Go and make this a real set, and join with the other fans all over the world through this build!

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