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Modular Nanofigure Display Case


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I've been a big fan of the nanofigs right from the moment I first learned of their exsistence and over time have collected them all. That made me think about what to do with them, how to display my collection, which inspired the Modular Nanofigure Display Case

It's a quite simple build, but due to the modular nature it has infinite expandibility and many possible configurations. Apart from the holes on the side the cases are closed, protecting the statuettes from dust. The modules can be attached to each other using the holes on the side, the studs on the top and the anti-studs on the bottom. The holes on the side could also be used to integrate lighting. The modules can be stacked and will keep together well, you can stack them quite high before the build becomes unstable.

Each module is made up of about 60 parts and the optional base consists of about 40 parts. The light tan and white colours have been chosen as a neutral colour to accentuate the nanofigures.

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