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Modular Recording Studio


Thank you for taking the time to view this project.

Musicians rejoice!  This is the modular recording studio, designed for practicing, recording and mixing the creative songs of minifigure musicians.

On the first floor is the reception area.  A reception desk is located immediately to the left of the front entrance.  Toward the back is the reception area, where musicians can relax as they wait.  There's a refrigerator and sink as well as a wall-screen TV.  You'll notice that several minifigures had a hand in creating the lounge chairs.  The glass-encased spiral staircase leads up to the second floor.

The second floor has two recording booths and an engineering station.  The larger booth can hold several band members or large instruments.  The studio graciously supplies a drum set for use.  (As a side note, I know that the parts I used for cymbals aren't all available in chrome gold but I'd love to see that happen if this project gets accepted.)  A smaller recording booth is located off of the main booth, to provide additional acoustic support for vocalists or instrumented that need microphones.  Both booths have acoustic panels on the walls and have direct line of sight to each other and to the engineering station.

Continue up the staircase to the third floor once the recording is done.  On the third floor is a mixing station next to a preview room, where the musicians can hear what the mixed song will sound like.  The preview room has been decorated with equipment and posters and features stereo speakers.  Along the hallways of the third floor, minifigures can be inspired when they see gold-plated albums from minifigure musicians that have won awards.

For the top of the building, I decided to go with an art deco look.  The crown has staggered curved bricks and the column heads were created to look like they bent and stopped at 90-degree angles.  As designed, there is no rooftop access although the grille above the staircase allows light to shine down.

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