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Wildlife Lodge


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Is your Lego city getting bigger?  Worried that your Lego animals are losing their habitats?  Worry no more!  In the heart of a large animal preserve is the Wildlife Lodge, where the staff of friendly rangers makes sure all of your four-legged friends have plenty of room to roam.  And there's no better place for visitors to enjoy everything nature has to offer!  Guests from your Lego City can take a safari ride in the rugged truck and see their favorite animals up close, visit the vet's office to learn how animals are cared for, and spend the night in the Lodge's cozy accommodations.  Includes:

  • Wildlife Lodge with guest suite, office, viewing tower and vehicle maintenance area
  • Safari truck with room for six, raised passenger seating, opening tailgate, folding spotter's chair, snorkel, folding windscreen, and spare tire. (There are two variants of the truck, one with the viewing platform and one with a pickup bed.  The set could either come with one of each, or just one truck that could be easily converted between the two variants.)
  • Veterinary hut with opening animal pen, examination table, desk and medical equipment
  • Ultralight aircraft for patrolling the preserve from the air
  • Elephant, Ankole longhorn, lion cub, two monkeys
  • Two rangers and two guests

With two trucks: around 1056 pieces.  With one convertible truck: around 875 pieces.

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