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Medieval Wilderness Keep

Welcome to the Medieval Wilderness Keep! This small outpost gallantly protects the northern border of the kingdom.
Travel inside and you will find a small forage for repairing the soldier’s weapons and tools and a small dungeon for rebellious subjects and enemy knights. Head upstairs and discover a small bedroom with a tool bench and a cozy bed. Keep climbing and you will reach the watchtower. The Medieval Wilderness Keep has two flagpoles with different flags to signify which faction has control of the outpost.

The model includes six minifigures, two knights for each faction, and two peasants.

I built this model as the final installment of our Brickshire village series. This MOC is replacing the Medieval Bakers Cottage (now expired) which can be found, along with the rest of our Brickshire village models, by searching “Brickshire” on LEGO ideas.

This would make a great LEGO set because it has been a long time since LEGO has released a castle set. This outpost is also a unique style and would be welcome in any medieval village display or on its own!

Thank you for your support!

-British Soldier Bob

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