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Lego Technic PRO Studio - A REAL STUDIO


Lego Technic PRO Studio - A REAL STUDIO

Turn your IDEAS into REALITY

(475 pieces)

Lego Technic PRO Studio is a sturdy toolkit fit for Storyboarding, Photography, Stop Motion and Videography. It fosters creativity and is versatile enough not only for lego enthusiasts but also for artists ready to share their creations with the world.

It’s an EASEL in the preliminary phases of your project and it CONVERTS into a full fledged STUDIO when you are ready to materialize your ideas.

Turn it into a LIGHTBOX with your own fabric, film, custom backdrops and lighting. Folds quickly for easy storage.

Accessories included:

- White tiles: Neutral background for subjects and storyboard

- Green tiles, magic green arm and rack winder with green rope: Chroma key on the go with your favorite App

- Dollys and truss systems: Hook anything, anywhere

- Adjustable smartphone bracket and track: Dolly camera - Get closer to the action

- Clips for custom backdrops (Studio mode) and prints (Easel mode)

- Technic frames, lattice pillars, chains links, ball receptacles, magnets, color filters for your lighting (lights not included), turntable, claws, axles and pin connectors

- Bonus: An Assistant Director ready to give you a hand when you are just too busy!

Let's CREATE something NOW!

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