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AC Cobra 427


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I would like to introduce you to my latest and most complex project, The AC Cobra 427, my all time favourite car.      

It was a huge challenge to recreate all the beautiful curves of this car keeping it sturdy and solid.

I have tried to put as much functions as possible, having to combine both Technic and System.

Scale: 1:14

Dimensions: 33 studs long, 13 studs wide (15 studs wide on mudguards).


  • fully working steering system, activated from the steering wheel, which is also adjustable.  
  • a working mini V8 piston engine and a differential system.
  • front and rear independant suspension.
  • lever on the dashboard that opens the hood.
  • openable doors and trunk. 
  • the model if very sturdy and solid.  


It was very challenging to come up with solutions for the model, both in terms of geometry and functionality.

I hope you enjoyed viewing my model and thank you for all the supports!


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