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Ariane 6 space launcher

ARIANE 6 : real-life rocket :

Developed and built by ARIANEGROUP and European partners, ARIANE6 is designed to offer the best launch solution for the years 2020.

ARIANE 6 this is : 
  •  1 launcher, 2 versions ;: ARIANE 62 and ARIANE 64
  •  Unprecedent flexibilty, modularity and competitiveness

The model : 

Directly inspired by the original versions, I designed these ARIANE 6 model to animate adults trainings and initiation sessions for the children in schools.

The A64 and A62 models consist of 4 distinct parts :
  • Fairing
  • Upper stage with VINCI engine
  • Main stage with VULCAIN engine
  • and 2 or 4 boosters depending ont the ARIANE 6 version.

The scale of the model is 1:200, composed of 96 ordinary LEGO® pieces.

Thank you for supporting my project, which will inspire young people and adults, all fans of the space adventure. And I invite you to share this link so that the project becomes a beautiful LEGO® set



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