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Jane: Defender of Decura


This project is based on the Jane: Defender of Decura series by Wolx Edwards. The series tells the story of Jane Lim, an average grocery store clerk who is one day sent into a medieval world known as Decura. Not only that, but she has also grown to 200 feet tall. It's up to her and her newfound friends to protect the people of Decura and help her get back home.

This set would include a wooden carriage 2 two-story village houses, minifigures of Jane and her arch enemy Hazel, and microfigures of Jane's friends Nate, Emina, William, Patti, and Nice, as well as the mischevious Kip.

I think this would make a good set because it's simple and would make a cool collectable.

Link to Wolx's characters and stories:

All models and minifigures were designed by me and approved by series creator Wolx Edwards.