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Disney Lego Ratatouille: le bistrot chez Remy


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Hy Lego-Fans,

I'm very proud to present you my Lego creation! It's in fact the restaurant of "Ratatouille", the "Bistrot chez Remy" with all main characters of the movie. My Lego creation contains the restaurant with on the outside a typical scene of Paris and inside, there is a full equiped kitchen which enables to play with it. I suppose that Lego will be able to design a new figure in order to represent Remy (the field mouse). So up to you now to support my creation hoping to find it very soon in Lego stores!!! Oops, i forgot it, my creation could be also interesting as the movie Ratatouille will soon celebrate its ten years birthday since its creation! 

See you soon.


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