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Kingdoms Castle Wall Siege

The set would be an addition to the Kingdoms line.
Remember those sets from the 80's that you could connect together to form a larger set? Well this and my other Castle Inn set that I am working on are made like that. The set would be a wall pieces like 7946 has and a Dragon Knight catapult.

Ok this is my idea to have six of these 6x4 wall pieces that can connect to form a wall. They can be used to make 7946 King's Castle bigger either length, with, or both. Can also be used to connect to Castle Inn, to connect both to 7946, or stand alone. Keep in mind that there is going to be six of these small wall section not two like the picture.

There would be a total of 6 minifigs. Three Lion and Three Dragon.
The minifig second from the right is suppose to have the same helmet as the last minifig.

This is what would be outside the wall(tree, catapult, and Dragon knights).

This is one of the way these pieces can be put on 7946.

Other sets for Kingdoms I would like to make or have made.
-Black Falconss
--Black Falcons Castle, 15 minifigs, 1,100-1,300 pieces (
-Dragon Knights
--Dragon Knights Castle (attachable to 7947), 10 minifigs, 900-1,200 pieces (
--Forestmen's River Crossing, 6 minifigs, 350-500 pieces
--Castle Inn (attachable to 7946), 6 minifigs, 175-275 pieces

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