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Polar Plane


Which is the fastest way to get to the North Pole and visit Santa Claus? The answer is traveling by the Polar Plane!
This old style plane comes in three major bright colors: white, red and green. It can seat four passengers and the pilot. On the wings, instead of the position lights, there are four crystal globes each with a candle within. On the engine, the normal rotor is substituted with branches of mistletoe.
All along the two sides of the plane, some garlands are set and on the tail are placed two huge crystals of snow.
The cockpit is equipped simply with levers and dials.
On the top of the plane, a Santa Claus' hat has the function of the radar.

In total there are 327 pieces and seven mini-figures:
- the pilot
- four passengers (two ladies and two guys)
- two elves, officers of the airport (with flags and torches).

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