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Subnautica: Jellyshroom Caves


   My Project:

Based off of the fun under water game "Subnautica", by Unknown Worlds Entertainment, this is my 4th Subnautica idea and it comes with detailed fauna and flora from the game as well as a bunch of Jellyshrooms.


The lone survivor Ryley Robinson has found himself in the Jellyshroom Cave looking around for resouces in this small biome, but the Crabsnakes quickly see Ryley as weak prey. Will the Crabsnakes catch him or will Ryley escape once again? You decide! 


1: Ryley Robinson minifigure with helmet and hair

2: Fauna, Four Oculus, three Eyeyes, and two Crabsnakes

3: Flora, six Jellyshrooms, and many Violet Beau


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