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The Immortal Captain Redbeard’s Great Galactic Grouper

We last saw our beloved Captain Redbeard catching some rest and relaxation in the amazing Pirates of Barracuda Bay set, and judging by the gray in his beard and the state of his beloved Black Seas Barracuda he had been getting long in the tooth. Lucky for those pirates, the Fountain of Youth lay in a cavern right beneath their feet!

Now tens of thousands of years old, Captain Redbeard and his trusty Parrot Popsy scour the galaxy in search of the next great adventure!

I built this minifig from pieces in my collection because I love Redbeard so much I wanted him to feel at home with my classic space crew. One thing led to another and he got his own ship! I think this set (or a fusion like it) would be very fun to build and the abundance of old great Lego sets and themes means you can build endless adventures for Pirates at any point in history!

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