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Riders of Rohan


Riders of Rohan is a microscale castle creation inspired by the city Edoras from the Lord of the Rings (LOTR).  The main picture shows two riders of Rohan looking off into the distance over their city.  Details include the great hall on rock slope, peasant village, windmill, and fence to protect the city.

As a fan of LOTR naturally I was excited about the official LEGO sets.  They were awesome, but to me lacked that epic scale described in the books and shown in the movies.  Don't get me wrong, making a city like Edoras in the middle of a giant grassland at minifig scale would not be practical.  It would have way too many pieces!

That is why I decided to make a microscale LOTR set in an attempt to capture a grander scale, but still do it with LEGOs.  I tried to make the set reminiscent of the riders of Rohan galloping through the grassland with their city off in the distance.  With that in mind, please comment below with ideas for new sets or suggestions where this set can be improved.  Thanks for your time.

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