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Cloakshape Fighter


The Cloakshape Fighter was originally produced by Kuat Systems Engineering long before the Clone Wars started.

Though outfitted with a rather weak power source and no hyperdrive system, the strong hull and magnificent upgrading and modding capabilities made this fighter the first choice of many pilots and skilled mechanics.

These modding capabilities also caused that after a few years there was no such thing as an original Cloakshape anymore.

Even new fighters could be bought with helpful upgrades like stabilizer wings and tails, deflector shields and even hyperdrive sleds.

The variety of possibilities in use and the fact that it was considered a good defensive fighter made it an often choice for many Jedi.

(Information Source: Wookiepedia)

As always I wanted this model to be playable featuring retractable landing gear, opening cargo hatch and cockpit window and a detachable roof to see what's inside the cargo hold.

Hope you like this :)

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