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Valentines Heart Necklace and Jewelry Box


The Valentines Heart Necklace and Jewelry Box

The Valentines heart necklace and jewelry box is a simple, but perfect, gift that would be ideal for Valentine’s Day or any other suitable occasion like a birthday or anniversary for both adult and child Lego lovers (I designed it for my wife to give to her when she returned from a long trip overseas). Its simplicity should make the cost low $5-$10, providing a refreshing substitute for the typical card, particularly for children who give cards on Valentine’s Day. The set could be gifted unconstructed or constructed.

The necklace fastens at the back using the end studs of the two strings for easy removal. The end studs at the other end of the string attach to a classic Lego heart in crimson. The heart could be replaced with other Lego creations or colors and the design on the top of the jewelry box could be changed. However, the heart is classic to both gifts and Lego, so should be the main design. Addition pieces could be included in the set to allow for customization of the necklace and jewelry box.

The main selling point is its simplicity and appropriateness for a specific occasion (Valentine’s Day) that is celebrated worldwide, while it is general enough to be gifted on other occasions or purchased for oneself. The release of the set a few weeks before Valentine’s Day would guarantee good sales of the set.  

See the pictures for detailed instructions on construction of the jewelry box.

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