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Japanese Island Shrine

This design is my own take on the Shinto shrines found throughout Japan. It features a small lake like area with a large torii gate to mark the entrance to the shrine. The shrine itself sits on a small island and can be found by following the stepping stone path. Aswell as the shrine, the island boasts a variety of other features such as bamboo, a small waterfall which flows into the surrounding lake, a lantern to light the path, an area of long grass and a blossoming cherry tree which Japan is famous for. 

I decided to build this set as I have always been fascinated by Japanese culture and architecture and I saw this as a good way to create my own piece of that.

I believe this would make a great set as it is built on a base which makes it perfect for display and it also has many exposed studs, allowing minifigure placement, meaning it can be used for play too. This set would be brilliant for anyone who loves Japanese and East Asian architecture along with anyone who wishes to add to a display or their collection.

I hope you like this design and I would be grateful for any support I receive.

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