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Cabin in the Outdoors

It’s a nice, warm morning. The slight breeze blows against your face. You walk along the soft, dirt path as you make your way to the small, calming stream. You look up and see (insert dog’s name here) has already made it to the cabin and is wagging his tail, waiting for you.
Face it, that’s the fantasy most of us have. Today, I wanted to recreate one of the cabins that some of us may have been to. I always enjoy going down to a cabin for a few days to a week with my family, and have been wanting to recreate it in LEGO.
This “set” comes with a path through some grass, a stream, a place to practice archery and a brown cabin with a blue roof. The cabin has two windows, a chimney with smoke, a fireplace, a rocking chair out front (that can rock back and forth), a green chair, a dog rug, a little “book shelf”, and a dog rug.
I hope you like this project, and thank you for looking at it. Please make sure to support this project so it might make it to 10,000 supporters! Thank you and have a wonderful day!

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