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Oriole Park Model and Baseball Game


Oriole Park at Camden Yards is known as the ballpark that forever changed baseball because of its uniqueness and history. The ballpark was built to look old-fashioned, but it was state-of-the-art and it fit right in with downtown Baltimore. The warehouse in front of the stadium is over one century old and serves now as the park's offices. It inspired many ballparks that came after it.

I have always loved LEGO since I got my first set. I liked building the sets, but I also liked making my own creations. LEGO is something that you can always enjoy and have a good time. I decided to make Oriole Park because baseball has been my favorite sport for many years and I remember going to the ballpark to watch the orioles play.

This model is great as decor in any house and fun to play. I tried to make the model as similar to the real thing as possible, but I also wanted to make it interesting, so I created two games. For the games, I added tiny figures, dice, and a working scoreboard. The games are simple, fun, and great for any baseball fan. They are also very flexible, so you can create your own games. Here are the rules:

2 players

Decide who controls orange and who controls black.

Decide who is home and who is away.

The game simulates real baseball with dice.

Every play, before you roll the dice. The player controlling the batting team may choose to steal or sacrifice.

To steal, roll one dice. If the result is a one or two, the runner is out. If the result is anything else, the runner advances one base. You may steal more than once, but you may only steal second and third base.

To sacrifice, batter is out and all runners advance one base.

Don’t forget to change the scoreboard!

Game #1:

The player batting rolls both of the dice and adds up the values.



11-Double Play(if possible)





Game #2:

Each player rolls one dice, matching the color of their team. Then find the difference of the values(offense-defense).








-5-Double Play(if possible)

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