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Africa is known for its nature and wildlife.  I, as a South African love, seeing the animals and going on safaris.  This inspired me to create this set.  I believe it will make an excellent Ideas set as the continent of Africa has seldom been explored in LEGO's history.  The current dangers facing wild animals mean that unless we step in, they could go extinct.  This goal of the set is to raise awareness about protecting our natural environment.

Two minifgures therefore decide to go on a safari.  Together with their tour guide, Greg, they visit three iconic safari scenes.

The first stop is a Fynbos field.  This scene shows a zebra and an ostrich standing amongst Fynbos shrubs as they look out for approaching lions.  Zebras and ostriches have a mutualistic relationship.  The zebras use their superior sense of hearing to listen for approaching lions, while the ostriches use their superior sight to spot lions lurking in the grasslands.  These two animals therefore often travel together. 

A chameleon is trying to hide in the Fynbos, but luckily the expert tour guide is able to show it to the minifigures.  The Fynbos scene includes:

  • A zebra
  • An ostrich
  • A chameleon

The second stop is at an Acacia tree. An owl has made its nest in the tree and stands guard over its eggs.  The minifigures get to see a monkey swinging from the branches as it looks for fruit to eat and there is also a spider crawling up the trunk for those brave enough to go take a look.  The Acacia scene includes:

  • An owl
  • 2x eggs
  • A monkey
  • A spider

The final stop is the lion territory.  This scene shows the pride relaxing under a tree to avoid the scorching sun.  Village weavers stay in the tree and their nests can be seen.  An anthill is nearby to allow the ants to scavenge the leftover food from the lions.  The final scene includes:

  • A lioness
  • A cub
  • A village weaver
  • 2x ants

The African savanna is mostly flat grass. The aim of the set is to therefore capture the continent's essence in as compact a way as possible, resulting in a relatively low piece count.  The piece count per item is as follows:

  • Safari truck: 175
  • Fynbos scene: 146
  • Acacia tree: 298
  • Lion scene: 114
  • Total pieces: 733

Please support and share this project to help make it a reality.

~ Ancient Brick

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