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Modular Building Construction Site

Everything in Lego City has to start somewhere! The Modular Building Construction Site will give Lego City and Modular Building fans a place for their Lego construction workers to get busy!

The construction site will be 50% wider than the normal construction site to accommodate an alley. In the alley will be a crane, lifting a girder to the upper level of the building project. Two dumpsters in the alley will hide the modular connection points.

In the front of the building is a scaffolding constructed from Technic pieces. It has been a LONG time since I've used these parts (back when I had them, they were called "Expert Builder"). At this point, the scaffolding is the only part near completion. Any suggestions on how to make it more realistic, or better use of these parts, is welcome.

My next update will focus on the alley, specifically the dumpsters and the "footprint" of the crane.

Wish me luck!

02/14/2013 - Added the dumpsters the other day. On the backside, you can see the modular connection points.

02/21/2013 - Decided to keep the foorprint of the model the same as all other modular sets for consistency (see main pic). I have re-thought the alley. The current plan is to still have a crane, but instead of a mobile one, it will be fixed in the corner. This will allow for the addition of a construction trailer/mobile office. Currently I am searching trailer and crane images for inspiration on the next part of the model.

02/28/2013 - Say hello to the Construction Trailer. I prototyped it after the picture you see above. Not very exciting, unless rectangles are your thing. So to add some visual interest, I put a mailbox, satellite dish and antenna on the exterior. Inside there is a workstation, timeclock, and a place to hang the minifigs' hardhats and walkie.

03/07/13 - The Port-A-Loo/Potty is now on site. Please note the all important toilet paper roll has not been forgotten. There have also been minor changes to the dumpsters as well. Still working on a crane. Once that is complete, the heart of the project begins. So, new building construction? Or old building being remodelled? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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