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Brick-Built Bluey and Bingo

Introducing the charming brick-built Bluey and Bingo - a great small set for Bluey fans of all ages! With only 369 pieces, it includes the lovable Australian cartoon characters along with their iconic red wagon and magic xylophone.

I created this set for my 2-year-old who loves the show, and I'm sure it will be a hit with fans of all ages! The figures of Bluey and Bingo are designed with vibrant colors and feature movable legs and arms, allowing for a wide range of playful poses. The red wagon, with its four wheels and sleek design, is perfect for carrying Bluey, Bingo, or any other small LEGO creations. The magic xylophone, a key element of the show, is made up of a variety of colorful bricks that give it a realistic appearance. Its keys are arranged in a beautiful rainbow pattern, and the xylophone itself is perfectly scaled to the Bluey and Bingo figures.

As one of the most popular children's shows worldwide, Bluey has captured the hearts of both kids and adults alike with its relatable storylines, adorable characters, and colorful world. Creating a LEGO set based on the show is a no-brainer, and fans can now bring the playful adventures of Bluey and Bingo to life and create their own imaginative stories with this LEGO set.

Please help make this adorable Bluey and Bingo brick-built project a reality by supporting it, and spreading the word on social media or just leave a comment below. Don't hesitate - let's make this project a reality!

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