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Haunted Mountain House

This is the Haunted Mountain House.

Up on the hill, close to the mansion is a small mountain house.
They say its hunted, so let’s find out.
If you think ghost don’t exist, then you're wrong.
If you enter this house, the ghosts & creatures that live there will scare you outside.
Go away... 👻

I build this because I'm a big fan of the attraction’s that LEGO build, so I was inspired by the mansion.
That in combination of the interest of me to make things move make me come up with this idea.

I think this will be a great set because to me, its important that people laugh because of my creation.
The Halloween themed Haunted Mountain House is a good combination with the mansion because there is an interactive function in it, its fun to play with, and its fun to only look at the guy that's scared by the ghost when entering the house.

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