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When you need a drilling cyber dinosaur, you want BRACHYROX!

This set is inspired by the Brachiosaurs dinosaur in a mining mech form. The colour yellow was chose for the traditional construction site / crane link. The dino can cruise quickly across almost any terrain with its super heavy duty wheels - or it can go leg out style, walking around like a regular dino. This allows for a higher reach to get all that ore up high. Body can bend left-right in the middle.

Its high speed super drill can crank out 20,000 DP (DynoPower) of torque getting down deep when the going is tough!.

And...the neck is set on a swiveling boom, allowing the neck to reach almost anywhere. Where does it put all that ore? In the dual omni-directional dumper buckets.

Any don't forget the driver's droid side kick. 

Set includes the rocks with the ore.

Pieces: 708 (without all the extraneous rock bricks for effect).


1 X Super Reach articulating neck

2 X dual omni-directional dumper buckets

1 X  high speed super drill (20,000 DP)

1 X Rough and Tough Driver

1 X Sidekick Droid


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