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Floating Windmill Island and Zeppelin

My inspiration was a Minecraft map called Stratosphere Survival. I really liked it and made some of my own floating islands in different worlds. I also had a passion for LEGO so i tried making my own 7 LEGO islands based on the map and posted one here. I wasn't satisfied with it so i decided to update it and make it awesomer. I attempted ordering the pieces from pick-a-brick, but they have a small selection so I used LDD instead . I haven't yet found a way to hold it up yet so put some ideas in the comments box please.

I tried to go for more of a jovial approach then my plain last model to make it more exciting. The way it would be displayed is on an office desk, or hanging from your ceiling. The purpose of my model is more for display than play but uses can vary. More detailed than the last model, I added small plants, a zeppelin, a pine tree, and apples on the tree.

One of the map's islands is down below.

Thank's for viewing. Please leave a comment.
Disclaimer: This is not a Minecraft set, it is completely individual

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