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Music Hall Clown

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Welcome to the opening of this exceptional place scheduled for this evening, take a ticket at the counter held by mister Barnum and follow the path to the mouth of the clown to enter and attend the show that awaits you while enjoying a good ice cream.
I hope you will put on your best costume because proper attire is required and we don't mess with that in this place.
The show tonight is hosted by miss Marcella who will sing you a song from her repertoire in the rain accompanied by music from Miguel the clown and his trumpet.
Here, all the employees are responsible for making you laugh, so don't hesitate to come and have a good time.
I have always liked this circus atmophere, this music hall clown would find its place in a city as well as in a fun fair, the eyebrows of the clown who serves as an entrance can move.
This set contains approximately 1500 pieces.
I hope you will like this set and you will enjoy attending the shows given every evening, which can be different according to your choices.
As Mark Twain would say, nothing can resist the onslaught of laughter.

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