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Forestmen Base Camp

The Idea:
I decided to create a product idea related to the LEGO Forestmen series (1987-1990) because it has always been one of my favorite LEGO themes of all-time. My favorite part of these sets is their iconic minifigures, who were almost always wearing green vests and holding bows. Since the Black Falcon minifigures got a brand-new makeover in the Blacksmith LEGO Ideas set, I believe the Forestmen should also get a new set with modern foliage pieces and fresh minifigures.

The Build:
I had a lot of fun with this product idea. It took me a few months to completely build and render this in Bricklink Studio. The Forestmen Base Camp includes a castle, a hut, and a cave to store their stolen loot! The toughest part about making this was trying to combine old-school parts from the original Forestmen sets and modern ones.

As I wrote above, my product idea has three main structures: a cave, a castle, and a hut to top it off. This also includes 5 minifigures, their accessories, a frog, a snake, and finally, a cozy campfire! I also incorporated several trees and lots of vines to give the impression that the Forestmen's base camp is located in the middle of the woods.
Hope you enjoy! If you would like for this to become an official LEGO set like me, please support my creation. Thank you! :)

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