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Deep Space Patrol


Inspired by the Space Lego of my childhood that my son now plays with,  I have created the Deep Space Patrol craft. Vintage space Lego with a nod to the future. This set would fit nicely with any other space Lego creation either old or new and be great fun to play with.  Classic Lego is classic for a reason, this is my modern classic.

This set would be suited to two space mini figures. One to captain the ship and the other in the rear or on the explorer buggy. There are full opening rear doors to allow release of buggy. The roof opens to view controls inside. It has many subtle features that I think add to its charm. Fully rotational radar , front pivoting guns, 6 turbo engines and air supply manifolds. At about 30cm long and 10 high its a good size set.   

I Hope you enjoy

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