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Little Tractor RS09

This is a little technic tractor or better speaking a universal carrier / multi purpose vehicle called RS09 from the former GDR from the 50s. It was a common sight in former east germany and still is some rural areas.

When I saw the RS09 as a little kid, I always wondered, why it had no engine in the front like normal tractors do...  When I just saw this on my holidays in my hometown, I knew I had to build it.

To show the versatility, I added an easily dettachable front loader for this tractor. As the model has a big main bar, connecting the front axle to the main chassis like the original, the creativity of any builder can be challenged to add other machinery like a tedder, a plow, a mower bar or a flatbed and attach it with just a few connection points. The back end has a realisticly working linkage drawbar and multiple connection points going with it. It also has ball joint connectors front and back to attach trailers of all sorts. Even at its little size with only 300 parts (including the front loader), it's a very sturdy build with full playability. All the functionalities are easy to see and understand. The functions of this model are:
- Steering
- Oscillating front axle
- Fake V2 engine
- CV-joint shafts front and back, driven by the wheels
- Linkage drawbar at the back end

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