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The Cultural TV-Heroes


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This project is a result of a recent fascination with an era when educational shows wasn't only about learning, but also from being inspired and exploring new things. This is my tribute to four amazing people and their passion. 

Bob Ross 
"We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents."

Always kind, always optimistic, always creative. Whatever Bob Ross was doing, he certainly did it right. He made every episode a joy and you could always rely on him leaving a smile at the end of every painting session. Since 1983 happy clouds and friendly trees made people sure that they could make his philosophy true: That everyone can paint.

Julia Child
"People who love to eat are always the best people."

This is one woman who knew how to cook and knew how to enjoy it. She did not need to bang pans and pots, throwing kitchen appliances on the floor or slicing chicken with swords to keep us entertained, but she did it anyway. She was also a woman not being afraid to show failures. A pancake are supposed to break now and then and sometimes even a television chef have to make something twice to succeed. 

Fred Rogers
"Anyone who does anything to help a child is a hero to me."

For many Mr. Rogers was the voice of reason and optimism. He never changed his personality, but stayed true to himself on camera. The result was a television host who made childrens childhood much more richer. Television may have changed since then, but his legacy will never really fade away.

LeVar Burton

The message was  crystal clear: Books are an amazing way of unravelling a whole world and there are no limits to what you can imagine. Reading Rainbow gave children values and inspired them not only to read, but inspire them to use their imagination and expand it beyond reality. The digital age have come to stay, but Reading Rainbow and LeVar Burton can always make us appreciate the wonders of reading.

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