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Pool Balls

Rack 'em up! It's time for a fun game of pool! We've got all fifteen numbered pool balls and the world's most square-based rounded triangle.

The balls are roughly life-sized, and hold together surprisingly well... Though maybe don't go hitting them hard with a cue, anytime soon. Regardless, I would love to see someone manage to play a full game with this set.

In this set, we have:
  • Fifteen Numbered Pool Balls.
  • One Rounded Pool Triangle.
  • One White Ball.
  • A Little Chalk Cube.

This set is a redesign of my original submission, found here.
This new design has some structural changes, a more accurate purple colour for the 4 and 12 balls and a more fitting size for the chalk cube.

Now, does anyone have a pool cue? Let's play! Right in the pocket. Good shot! 

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