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Age of Empires II


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Age of Empires II is a popular real-time strategy game that was published by Microsoft in 1999.  In the game you can build up your empire with a huge assortment of buildings, soldiers, and ships.  In my project, I have hoped to capture the pure essence of the game by making small miniatures of the buildings in order to make your own LEGO Age of Empires civilization.

My buildings are based upon the Briton architecture from the game.  They are all on their own base plates so they can slide around if you would like to rearrange your cities.

For the dock and ships, there could also be some additional water plates in case your ocean or lakes seemed too small.  Extra pieces may also be included to build up a bigger navy.

The villager’s tasks are identified by their accessories.  The farmer has a tomahawk piece that is used as a hoe, the lumberjack has an axe, the builder has a hammer, the miner has a pick axe, and the shepherd has a staff for commanding his/her herd.  The monk, although technically not a villager, has a golden staff and white hair.

The soldiers I have built are a two-handed swordsman, an arbalest, and a long-bowman.  I have also included two cavalry, a scout cavalry, and a knight.  The only siege machine so far is a trebuchet that includes two different versions: a packed trebuchet for traveling to the battlefield and an unpacked trebuchet for leveling enemy cities.

For both play and display reasons, extra soldiers from an enemy team could be added if this reaches 10,000 and passes the review.

Among the buildings is a “Wonder”, if it stands for 400 years in the game, you win.  But in this project, it’s just a nice decoration for the city.

There are also stone walls and a gate for keeping out invaders.  Two gates and around twenty to thirty walls would be included in the actual set.

I would also like to thank Fazbear51 for helping me to improve the quality and accuracy of my models.

Hopefully we will reach 10,000 supporters and LEGO Ideas will approve this project during a future review.  Thank you very much and I hope you’ll support.


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