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Complex One - Restaurant With Robot Service & Swimming Pool

This model presents you with a restaurant with robot table service, includes a swimming pool and a bicycle path located in the front area. A large kitchen provides three crew members their work space and is equipped with an array of sub models. This would include two ovens, a large sink, tray rack and refrigerator stocked with a variety of food items. The pool area allows two guests to suntan while a few others have a swim.

The set's purpose is to provide vacationing minifigures tasks to keep them occupied and entertained in a distant and foreign type of atmosphere. The design process focused on keeping most sections outdoors, catering to collectors interested in quickly accessing most of the set's sub features.

A useful aspect of this model is its overall appearance, as it could easily be associated with other LEGO City models and layouts. The intention was to inspire builders to combine their existing models with this unique scenario-friendly locale, a place where their own imaginations can define it even further.

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