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The Brictory


Pirate ships are common, so Her Majesty`s navy came to the rescue. Introducing The Brictory, a early 19th century frigate, armed with 26 cannons and captained by the experienced Admiral Horatio Studblower. Whether on the high seas or the high shelves, this pirate-chaser will obliterate all it`s enemies.


The Brictory would make a great Lego set because it is a detailed, playable and historically-accurate naval ship which could battle existing pirate ships.


The Brictory includes: 


22 heavy and light cannons

4 swivel cannons (stud-shooters)

Wooden main mast with rope rigging, rolled up sails, lower crows nest and top crows nest with flag

Two smaller wooden masts with rolled up sails

Wooden bowspirit with golden end

Stern with captain`s cabin, lanterns, windows, golden decorations and helm (ship`s steering wheel)

Working rudder

Opening gun ports and Nelson Chequer (black and yellow stripe colour scheme of the Royal Navy)


Deck includes:

Working capstan with chain and anchor

Six light cannons on wheels

Chain barriers

Coil of rope and powder bucket

Barrel and bottles of rum (pirates are not the only ones who like rum)

Crate of lemons and limes (eaten by sailors to avoid scurvy)

Door to captain`s cabin

Rope ladder to stern deck


Captain`s cabin includes:

Opening trapdoor allowing access to gun deck

Writing desk with ink and quill, map, telescope, candle and sealed Admiralty orders

Sextant (navigational instrument) and painting on wall


Small bookshelf with maps and a model of the Brictory in a bottle

Small table with plate,T-bone steak and cup

Treasure chest


Gun deck includes:


Barrel of gun powder and some cannonballs

Eighteen heavy cannons on wheels

Five `sponges` (sticks used to load a cannon)


Small wooden skiff with two oars, lantern and flag


Includes fourteen minifigures:

Left to right:

Admiral Horatio Studblower with cutlass and dividers (used in mapping)

Lieutenant with cutlass

Master with cutlass

Boatswain with bosun`s whistle (used like a bugle to issue commands)

Marine x3 with musket (kept order on the ship and acted as snipers in battle)

Powder boy with bucket of gun powder (aka `powder monkeys`, ferried gun powder from storage to the cannons)

Sailor x5


1317 pieces


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