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Together We Excel - Iron Man Argonaut Armor


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Together We Excel

What is important to you? Wealth, status or power?

The story behind this project - Together We Excel - is to focus on the important people around our life i.e family, friends and having the courage to overcome obstacles.

Using a comic book presentation above, I hope to relate this message in a light hearted manner.


Whiplash Mark II

Warmachine Hulkbuster

The Iron Man Argonaut Armor 

The Argonauts are a group of armors that were created by Tony Stark.

The Argonaut Armor is built to protect Pepper Potts. This is an original MOC Creation that doesn't exist in the Marvel Universe.

Special thanks

  1. Team Titans Creations
  2. Mr Kenny Lim
  3. My family

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United We Stand, Divided We Fall. Together We Excel!


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