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Soul From Pixar


Soul from Pixar

In the jazz club “The half note”:

Dorothea: Back here tonight. First show is at 09.00. We ‘ll see how you do.

Joe in the street:

Yesss! Woo-hoo!!!

You know what that’s gonna say? Joe Gardner! (LAUGHS)

You’re never gonna believe what just happened.

I did it. I got the gig. Yes! Dorothea Williams! Can you believe it? I’m in a Dorothea class, buddy!


Are you ready to accompany Joe Gardner on his incredible journey?

Then, this scenery is made for you! You will find many details of this beautiful animation movie. Especially, the moment where Joe Gardner falls in a sewer.

This set was made with 2978 bricks and includes the following elements:

  • Several fronts of houses and shops
  • Joe Gardner falling into the sewer
  • Moonwind, the incredible spiritual sign twirler
  • Bricks falling off a scaffold
  • Grandma stroking a dog
  • Skateboarder hurtling down the street

I made this model because I’m a real fan of this animation movie and of Lego of course!