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1971 Oldsmobile 455 Rocket Engine

I present a supercharged SOHC Oldsmobile 455ci (big block) 'Rocket' engine replica on an engine stand. Highly detailed and accurate, it features all the original components on this racing engine:

  1. Fire extinguisher,
  2. Fuel tank,
  3. Engine stand,
  4. Engine block,
  5. Intake manifold,
  6. PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) valve,
  7. Supercharger,
  8. Single Overhead Cam (SOHC) cylinder heads,
  9. Timing chain,
  10. Timing chain tensioner pulley,
  11. Fan,
  12. Alternator,
  13. Serpentine belts,
  14. Radiator w/ hoses,
  15. Distributor,
  16. Starter,
  17. Exhaust manifolds
  18. Throttle w/ gauges (aka power functions).

I would be honored to have it as a LEGO set! We'll see! Here's a set of instructions.

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